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College is all about creating that perfect academic life balance, and we’re here to help. Through our posts below, you’ll learn about some of the best tricks to help you succeed and help you balance everything. Things may be hard, but we just hope College Coverage will make it one step better.

tips and tricks that I learned by freshman year

56 College Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Survive Freshman Year

Every college student will have their priorities. For myself, it was having fun and multitasking a successful college career. Throughout my freshman year, I quickly learned that sometimes going by the “book” isn’t the...
Failing College

Failing College: 3 Easy Steps To Recovering From That Failed Exam or Semester.

Failing that college exam you've either studied your butt off for or maybe studied hardly at all isn't a fun experience. We've all been there, and in fact, I've been there too, and I...
college flashcard hacks

Flashcard Hacks: Effective Ways To Creating The BEST Flashcards

We know everyone at one point in college will end up having to make flash cards for an exam or test and let’s be real; Making those flashcards aren't fun at all. Not only do...