Studying In College Can and Is More Than It Appears: This isn’t High School Anymore

Being in High School, I often heard how college students barely study for courses and or that they have only a few hours of class every single day. Little did I know that this “extra” time is usually spent studying, working on group projects and or preparing for the following day.

Being a college student, I learned quickly that the key to becoming successful at studying often came down to one key concept: Time Management.

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Yes, time management. This isn’t the same as high school time management though, this is a whole different beast in itself. You will have to learn to multitask your studying with your other courses, exams, finals, friends and more. Plus in college, there isn’t someone there to help guide and point you in the right direction. This is all on you.

Mastering this skill of time management is not only a huge skill in college but also in life. Therefore, you may want to take this seriously and try your best to find the optimal way to learn and thus, improve your time spent studying overall.

The most successful students are the ones that are able to manage their time. Do you want to be successful? How about effective? What about productive? Without time management, you won’t be any of these.

So, why should I listen to you?

I may not be a valedictorian, or a straight A student, but I’m someone that has completed college and tried their best to make the experience itself much easier. In fact, I’d like to call myself a college hacker. I tried my best in order to improve my college experience overall along with influencing others along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I put some serious time into college and I even made some mistakes in the process. Yet, I don’t want these mistakes to end up happening to you. Therefore, I hope you take some of these study tips, tricks and time management skills seriously and apply them to your own career and life.

I’m a recent graduate of Iowa State University and graduated in May 2017, majoring in Management Information Systems. Through some of my skills and studying methods, I’ve been able to thankfully already have a job lined up through my senior year of college. Through my tips, I ended up getting many A’s and B’s throughout my career and I hope to share these methods with you. I may not be perfect, but I tried my best to learn from my mistakes and improve my processes of learning.

What Skills Will I learn?

I will only show you skills that I found to be helpful and easy to learn. This could include study habits that have helped me through my college career and or maybe in a particular class I’ve taken. Through these ideas, I’ve helped countless freshman, sophomores and more create a better overall experience that is not only less stressful but also much more successful.

These studying tips, methods, and more will be very much straight forward. Anyone will be able to apply these studying tips to their own life in college. Through these ideas, I believe these can help students succeed and improve at college.

Even though for some; they may consider these tips, ideas, and habits to be common sense, but they simply work.

Time Management and Studying? Why?

College students who are having some of the most successful times are usually the ones that are able to master their time management, and thus are some of the most effective at studying. They are the ones that are attacking their insecurities and trying their best day in & out to improve.

Through these tips, I believe there will is a direct correlation to having a more relaxed life; therefore better grades and an overall more successful college experience.

Believe me, these study tips, methods and more for college won’t be a simple one or two-minute read. You not only need to dedicate time to reading these ideas but also practicing them. So set aside that beer or mixer and prepare to read a few things.

As always, my overall goal is to make college a much more enjoyable experience. If these means a less stressful one for you or a more successful one, I believe there are study techniques, hacks, and other time management skills that can improve your college life. After following these skills, I believe you will have more time for well, you.

It’s On You; Take Action.

College is a time where you finally will not have your parents breathing down your neck, yet this is also a time where you need to buckle down and start taking life seriously. Your parents may be signing thousands every single semester to fund your education; essentially an investment in a better life for you.

Don’t piss this away because you have “claim” you don’t know what you need to do to be successful or that maybe you partied too much.

They’ve helped you through more than you’ll ever be able to imagine, therefore this is a time to give back and show them what you’ve learned in the process. Do not give your parents that dreaded call that you are not doing as well or that maybe you won’t pass that class.

And most of all, I know your parents may simply not get it. That “A” may be out of reach and in fact, long gone; yet that B, or C may still a possibility. So regardless of what your parents say, try your best to achieve the best grade possible. This course isn’t over just because you’re out of the “A” range.

So what can you do?

First and foremost, your parents aren’t there to help anymore. Therefore, as a college student and adult, it’s time to take ownership of your life, grades and experiences. College in many ways will become a battle between yourself and your courses.

Whether this means you learn to master multitasking or trying your best to learn to pass every exam; it doesn’t matter. You simply need to develop habits and studying tips that will help you succeed.

Create a plan, and act on it.

C’s Get Degrees: Forget About Those A’s

In college, you will notice that some people will be simply better or smarter than you in certain courses. They may work harder, study longer, or have a different advantage altogether. Yet, this doesn’t mean that will have a better college experience than you.

I learned quickly that I will never be perfect in college, yet I can be the best I can be. Therefore, if I wanted to be successful and have a great college experience, I needed to become a master at my time and spend it wisely. This includes how I spend my time studying.

Sometimes you will find that just spending some extra time in your courses will help drastically and you may even set the curve on a few exams. Other times you may find that regardless of how many hours you study, it just doesn’t seem to help.

Yet even though you may not be perfect, I can guarantee you that through these tips, you will have a much more rewarding and enjoyable college experience.

Do not assume this will be easy as I can guarantee a lot of these tips will take some serious work. I cannot help you create motivation, but I can try to teach you ways to being motivated and effect; but it won’t just happen overnight.

I can show you what I did to succeed and what I know users use to help themselves succeed. Through these habits, I hope to reduce your anxiety and help you enjoy college more than I did.

Okay I think I get it, what can you show me?

I will help you start creating successful college experience at ground zero. I’ll try my best to convey effective schedule planning along with other tips that can help improve your overall time management. Through these methods, you can and will have more enjoyable and productive semesters.

More importantly, this idea of time management is focus on WHAT you have to do and WHEN you have to do it. AKA what you need to do to ace your college courses. Following this, we attack the areas where we have this FREE time available.

With our schedule and free time clearly identified, we can then allow ourselves to utilize this free time.
I firmly believe college students need to understand what does and doesn’t need to get done along with when it should be done.

Besides schedule planning, I will dive into the following:

  • I’ll direct you towards the best way to take notes and even the applications I used to help create overall better notes.
  • Furthermore, I will even show you some of my most utilized study tips and anything I’ve heard from my peers.
  • With these tips, you will never have to spend a night of hardcore – all night studying.
  • I will show you tricks in order to help you visualize your upcoming exam and even find potential exam questions that may or may not be on that exam.
  • I may even talk about new methods and tips that are currently being researched that could improve your productivity studying.

So how much do I have to pay?

Absolutely nothing. You heard that right; free. I’m someone that feels college is too complicated, stressful and often filled with “busy” and “unpractical” work. Therefore, I like to be able to give back and provide methods, tricks, and new ideas to help get you through these times.

Heck, maybe even learn from some of the mistakes I had so you don’t end up having to make the same ones that I did.

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