We know everyone at one point in college will end up having to make flash cards for an exam or test and let’s be real; Making those flashcards aren’t fun at all.

Not only do you need to type in every single definition manually, but then you need to format each card appropriately.

Before you know it, you ended up spending 10x more time than you thought and end up not having as much time as you hoped to study for that exam.

I may be a huge fan of flash cards, but I’m totally not a fan of the process it takes to create them. I’m what you can call… well, I’m lazy. With this, I found a process that will allow you to never make flash cards again. It’s quite simple, and I wish I thought of flashcard hack sooner.

Getting Started

This flashcard hack just involves utilizing Google queries to your advantage. And what’s even better, it’s free and will allow you more time to study, instead of wasting it making those dang cards. Don’t run away yet; it’s easy; trust me.

Essentially, we are going to try to find other students like yourself who have spent time and made quality flashcards. Yes, you read this correctly; you won’t have to do a single thing. That’s what’s great about this method.

This flashcard hack just revolves around just using simple Google searches to your advantage and finding public flash cards that someone has already made. With this, let’s get started with explaining this method.

We need to start trying to find quality flashcards through Google. Yes, it could be as easy as just typing your course or book’s flashcards, but there are several ways you can find even better quality cards. This trick just involves searching Google with certain parameters:

    • The Include Command: ”The definition of the vocab word you’re searching for”
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When you search Google with quotes around your text, such as “the definition…”, It will search across the whole Google database to find all pages that contain “The definition…”. So, if you have a question you are stuck on, simply placing the question between quotes will search Google for any exact matches of text.

    • The Site Command: Site:Example.com The Text You Are Looking For

The Site: command will only search the defined site for matching text. For instance, you can search just the website example.com by typing in Google with the following Site:Example.com The Text You are looking for.

Great, we now have a ton of questions or flashcards that we are looking for, but I have to warn you that there are some pitfalls. These vocab cards will be coming from students like yourself. Therefore you’ll need to have to double, even triple check your flash cards for errors before studying as you’ll be depending on someone you’ve never met before to have correct cards.

I mean, in theory; these students studied these cards, and they should be of quality, but we don’t know what kind of grade they ended up getting after using these. Therefore, just be warned that there is a level of risk with this method.

BUT wait, there’s more…

These commands alone can and do help a lot, but if you combine them; you can start searching for your courses and find flashcards from previous semesters, the same professor, even from your classmates and even from different schools. These more advanced commands will totally narrow your results and find a handful of quality cards, but it may take some creative searches to find them.

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Some of these more advanced searches are as followed, but feel free to put your own twists on them:

Searching by course name and university

    • Site:Quizlet.com “BIOL 101 Iowa State”

More than likely, these will come back with nothing as this is searching only Quizlet for the exact match of this text.

    • Site:Quizlet.com BIOL 101 Iowa State ISU

This will be a broader search and will show results that are related to BIOL 101 and or Iowa State.

Searching by Chapter and Book

    • Site:Quizlet.com Biology and The world chapter 1 ch1 ch

A search like this would look for related cards that have the book’s title in it and the chapter that you may be searching for.

Biology and The World is the book you are looking for, and the information is in chapter 1.

Searching by Vocab Definition

    • Site:Quizlet.com “Definition”

This search will return only pages that have an exact match to the text that you typed above. Therefore, make sure you have typed the definition correctly as in the book.

Like I said before, there are thousands of combinations of these searches you could use to help provide more accurate results; Half the battle will be just trying to think how you could end up searching for them.
Finally, I know this can come off as confusing; therefore feel free to comment, and I’ll try my best to clarify these flashcard hacks.

Maxwell Emerson
I'm Max and I'm the brains behind College Coverage. Currently, I'm a Senior at Iowa State University and majoring in MIS. Through one hack at a time, I'm looking to make college a more enjoyable and easier experience. Think I missed something? Have a good suggestion? Comment or Tweet at me and I'll fix it!

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