Finding a college roommate can sometimes be hard. At one point or another, a lot of us have been there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior; finding a roommate, let alone a compatible roommate isn’t easy.

Luckily, there are multiple ways one can find a roommate in college. Keep in mind though, finding a perfect roommate may not be possible. Therefore keep an open mind! Heck, you’re not marrying this person! Below, I’ve includes a few ways that you might be able to do in order to find your college roommate. Utilize these college roommate finder options below:

  • Starting With Friends

  • Take a look at your current friend group and see if anyone is either going to the same college you currently attend and or know someone that goes to the same college as you. You’ll be surprised how many friends know someone who attends the same college as you do! Heck, they may even be able to give you some “insider” information about your potential future roommate.

    Also, get the word out that you are looking for a college roommate. Simply put, getting your name out there may lead to someone knowing someone needing a roommate now and or shortly. This same friend may even end up needing a roommate too.

  • Utilizing Social Media

  • Social Media is by far one of the safer bets when trying to find a roommate in college. Not only do you use to see a slight glimpse into their life, but also see if there are any similar interests. Essentially, you have nothing to loose giving this method a shot.

    With this, most campuses will have multiple Facebook pages for their graduating classes to socialize on. Usually, I found them to have names such as “XYZ Class of 2021” etc. You may need to try a few variations to find one that relates to your college, but there’s usually one dedicated to every graduating class!

    I’ve also seen Facebook pages dedicated solely to people looking for a roommate in a particular city, campus or college too. Therefore, hunt around a bit, and you may get lucky.

  • Outside Websites

  • There are a lot of websites that offer help finding a college roommate. Heck, some may even be endorsed by your university too! Therefore, contact your campus and see if they have any similar programs available. Otherwise, I’ve heard of websites such as the following that can help you find a college roommate:

    • Utilize Groups, Pages and More
    • Facebook will offer a variety of ways that can help you find a roommate in college. Therefore, make sure you hunt around long enough to find these hidden pages or groups that are dedicated to finding a roommate while at college.

      Even if you end up having troubles finding a roommate on Facebook, you can still end up meeting some long lasting friends before you even end up on campus.

    • Roommate Matching Websites
    • There are multiple roommates matching websites that can help you find a roommate on campus. These go as far as trying to match someone based on your habits, lifestyles and even beliefs. Believe me; this is something you need to seriously take a look at. A great example of this would be

      Note: There are other options available that offer premium services, yet they are not free and or provide little benefit.

      • RoomSurf currently has over 1 million signups since inception! Therefore, there is a huge change you may find your roommate on here that is from your college. They offer a unique opportunity that focuses on users filling out questionnaires in order to provide a better match for you. Best thing, its FREE.
    • Reddit offers multiple subreddits that are dedicated to the city that you are living in, or even the campus itself. For instance, Iowa State University has a subreddit of; yet there is also an Ames Iowa subreddit of

      A lot of these threads will have people who are looking for a roommate and or know someone looking for a roommate. Feel free to either reply or post your own thread and you may get lucky.

      Worst case, at least you may get some real world advice from people are living on the campus or city of your next university.

    • Craigslist
    • For many, Craigslist is a classic way to finding a roommate; let alone in college. This is one that needs to be taken with caution as you really can’t see who is on the other side of the message.

      Therefore, make sure you do you research and meet beforehand in a public place before signing any legal agreements. Even bringing a friend may be a good bet too. Finally, watch out for anything that seems too sketchy or scammy; aka never send any money or sign anything until you know what you are dealing with.

  • Going Rando / Random

  • Going random and having roommates assigned may not be the worst thing ever. In fact, I know a lot of my friends ended up loving their random roommates and even roomed with them for their whole college career! You could potentially meet your next best friend.

    Plus, if they are also going random; they are in the exact situation as yourself. Therefore you may have a lot in common without even knowing it.

Anyways, at the end of the day; this future roommate is just someone who you have to come home to at the end of the day. You won’t have to spend the rest of your life with them, so don’t worry too much.

Maxwell Emerson
I'm Max and I'm the brains behind College Coverage. Currently, I'm a Senior at Iowa State University and majoring in MIS. Through one hack at a time, I'm looking to make college a more enjoyable and easier experience. Think I missed something? Have a good suggestion? Comment or Tweet at me and I'll fix it!

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