Investing as a college student may seem hard to manage at first, but we’ve broken it down and it’s really not that bad! Get ahead of the game and save some money for your future while you’re young. Check out some of these articles below to get you started and saving tomorrow!

Investing Early As A College Student: This Is How I’m Doing It

Note: I’m no financial analysis, just someone who was interested in looking for ways to invest as a student. Consult a financial analysis before making any large or long-term investment. I feel like everyone at...
how much a college student should invest

How much should I invest? 5% or 10%? Monthly? Yearly? College Student Investing

How much should I be investing? This is a question that is hard to answer. Ideally, the more you invest; the better your portfolio will be in the future. Each amount will vary from person...
how a college student should invest

Top Investment Options For College Students: Think you are investing right for your future?

Note: I’m no investment expert, just someone who took some time and researched different paths available for someone looking to start investing in their future. Don’t take my word for everything, put some time...